Zenni Review

Product White Oval Sunglasses  Short Summary of the Product The White Oval Sunglasses by Zenni are a classic dramatic look for a day by the pool or a day at the beach. This pair speaks […]


White Oval Sunglasses 

Short Summary of the Product

The White Oval Sunglasses by Zenni are a classic dramatic look for a day by the pool or a day at the beach. This pair speaks to statement and protection, and fully complement a bold and fashionable look!  

First Impression (Packaging, Volume, Design etc.)

Zenni sunglasses are something to be excited and confident about. These are sunglasses that are ready for the sun and the spotlight. The quality is good, the style is modern and on trend, and the colors are classic. The design and shape of their glasses are nostalgic- they are modern takes on well known classic designs of the mid century! There’s something to say for a company that can create totally cute glasses at a low price and still keep the quality at level that will last. 

My Take (What I liked or didn’t like, favorite features or overall opinion)

The shape of the Zenni’s and the bold collection they have is impressive. They have sunglasses to compliment any personality, style, and lifestyle! At Zenni’s, a pair of sunglasses can live up to ‘fun’ standards while still remaining classic. However, Zenni glasses aren’t exactly unique, their styles are made by other companies. However, Zenni delivers on quality and the price is low, so it’s definitely worth a pair or four!

Quality (How it compares to competitors? Is it worth the price?)

Compared to competitors, the prices of Zenni’s are very low. Depending on whether or not a person gets a prescription, the price varies. For sunglasses, however, Zenni’s are fairly inexpensive- but this doesn’t make them cheap. Zenni’s are nice quality and definitely protect from UV rays! They are not the highest quality glasses ever, but they are great for everyday sunglasses and glasses to travel in. They are affordable without being cheap in quality. 

Buy or Use Again?

Zenni’s are a definite ‘buy again.’ Their fun options and low prices make it easy to get swept up in buying more than one pair.

That’s Hot Rating (1-5 hearts)

4 hearts for perfect everyday glasses, but only 4 for quality!

Highlight 1

Anti scratch coating to keep the lenses safe.

Highlight 2

Amazing UV protection for those sunny days at the beach, by the pool, and on the go!

Highlight 3

Cute frame designs that compliment any style!

Highlight 4

Affordable price for everyone!

Cost Range

$6-$35+ (higher prices for more than basic prescriptions- price always depends on prescription type)

Cost Compared To Competitors

Compared to Warby Parker, Lens Crafters, and EyeBuyDirect, Zenni has the lowest prices by far. EyeBuyDirect is in the same relative price range, but their prices begin at a higher cost, not $6. Warby Parker is more expensive because of their higher quality frames, and Lens Crafters sells higher priced brands- with luxury prices leaning into the $350+ range. Zenni is the least expensive brand!

Pro 1

Zenni allows for people to shop for multiple pairs of sunglasses and not settle because of the low prices! 

Pro 2

Zenni sunglasses make everyone feel chic, while still getting the UV protection and blue light protection needed throughout the day!

Pro 3

Zenni lenses never scratch, thanks to Zenni’s scratch protection coating. 

Pro 4

Zenni designs are on trend and amazing for men, women, and children!

Con 1

Zenni doesn’t sell extremely high quality glasses, but the quality is still good! The price is affordable and therefore the quality is not off the charts. However as a pair of sunglasses, Zenni is still a durable and responsible eyeglass and sunglasses company that has really changed the game for what a pair of sunglasses can cost. 

Con 2

Zenni’s site is not marketing itself well- there are no pop out moments where I’m drawn to click on their products. The site isn’t very bold or eye-catching. 

Con 3

The selection is big- but they are lacking in glasses that give a dramatic look!

Con 4

Their frame designs are not always on trend- but most are! 


My Zenni’s arrives in a blue plastic shipping bag, and then inside that bag is a plastic glasses case. The case is nice for shipping, but not to put glasses in- they say “Zenni.com” on the front which looks tacky. Each sunglasses package comes with a Zenni Blokz lazer so that tests for blue light protection. The packaging is nice, but there’s no wow factor and feels more like an advertisement and marketing strategy, then a moment for the customer to be impressed by the package aesthetic!


Zenni’s standard shipping takes about 14-21 days, and there is no free shipping on their site. If an individual wants their product quicker, they have to pay more. This is a very long shipping time frame.

Good For Gifting?

Zenni’s are cute for gifting! Gifting sunglasses is fun, as long as an individual knows the face shape of the person they’re buying for! 

Ideal Customer (Target Market)

Zenni’s ideal customer is around 30-50 years old, and then kids from ages 6-12. A lot of high school and college kids are going to shop for glasses that have a brand name, Zenni is not a brand that teens and young adults know as ‘trendy.’

Customer Service  

The customer service with Zenni is amazing- quick, simple, and transparent. 

How Long Does The Product Last?

As long as the purchased glasses are stored in their case and are taken care of, Zenni glasses can last years, like any pair of glasses should. 

Coupons/sales? What are the normal sales? When do they happen? How much is off?

Zenni’s prices are already so affordable, so they don’t always do sales out of the blue, but they do have typical sales for the holidays, seasonal sales, etc. 

Comparison to Competitor 1

Compared to Warby Parker, Zenni is the more affordable eyeglasses and sunglasses company. The quality is similar enough that the products can be compared as competitors! 

Comparison to Competitor 2

LensCrafters is highly expensive and a very popular brand for eyeglasses and sunglasses. Zenni is not expensive and is still popular for their affordability and reasonable quality for the low prices!

Comparison to Competitor 3

EyeBuyDirect has different styles and designs, but their eyeglasses and sunglasses are still really cute! Their prices are fair and fall somewhere between Warby Parker and Zenni. Zenni still has the lowest prices though, which is always a plus- as long as the quality is still good!