Real Roses That Last A Year: The Arrangement I Can’t Stop Thinking About

Like so many people, I’ve found myself spending an unprecedented portion of my daily life at home ever since the pandemic began. I work from home, eat at home, socialize from home, and so much more. 

Spending such a significant amount of time in my house led me to realize the importance of having a comfortable, safe, and pleasant living environment. As such, I started to redecorate key areas of my house, hoping to cultivate the ideal living space.

As I cleaned and rearranged my home, I started to wonder: how can I add a bit of joy to each of these rooms? The answer came to me quickly: flowers, of course!

I began my search for the perfect floral arrangements to brighten up my home. However, each time I visited my local flower shop or grocery store searching for flowers, I found myself disappointed. None of these shops had quite what I wanted.

Then, I stumbled upon Venus ET FleurⓇ. I knew I had to pick up an arrangement for myself.

Venus ET Fleur makes unique, luxury floral arrangements with real roses that actually last an entire year. They offer a huge variety of products that suit every occasion and environment. 

I think all of their products are gorgeous, but the arrangement that really caught my eye was the Serene Vase With EternityⓇ Roses. I still can’t stop thinking about it!

Keep reading to learn all about Venus ET Fleur.

Everything You Should Know About The Roses You’ve Seen All Over Instagram

Venus ET Fleur began as the brainchild of founders Sunny Chadha and Seema Bansal. One Valentine’s Day, early in the couple’s relationship, Sunny sent Seema a bouquet of flowers. When the arrangement arrived, both parties were let down by its looks and overall quality. The bouquet simply did not live up to their expectations.

That Valentine’s Day disappointment led Sunny and Seema to begin questioning the state of the floral industry. Why was the industry so unreliable, and the quality of its product often so poor? Shouldn’t someone do something about this?

This line of questioning sparked an idea—the couple decided to fill the gap in the market. They set out to create a collection of beautiful, luxury floral arrangements that would always meet the same high standard of quality. Even more significantly, they decided to diverge from other floral companies with their regular old flowers, instead opting for real, long-lasting EternityⓇ Roses.

Venus ET Fleur’s EternityⓇ Roses are the thing that really sets them apart from every other floral company. Like the name suggests, these roses last far longer than the typical flower. With very little maintenance required, EternityⓇ Roses remain alive and well for at least a year.

The company launched with its signature offering: gorgeous arrangements of EternityⓇ Roses in Parisian-style hat boxes. Their iconic Classic Collection is still available today, but they have expanded far beyond that. Now, they offer arrangements to match any aesthetic or personality. 

Since its inception, the brand has skyrocketed in popularity among celebrities and influencers. You may have come across Venus ET Fleur on the Instagram pages of public figures like Cardi B, Gigi Hadid, Priyanka Chopra, Khloe Kardashian, and so many more.

Famous or not, everyone who gives or receives a Venus ET Fleur arrangement seems to fall in love with it. Sunny and Seema have certainly achieved what they set out to do: create a floral company that consistently provides gorgeous luxury arrangements that soar above all the rest in quality. I totally understand why so many people are obsessed (and so am I)!

If you’ve ever found yourself disappointed in a bouquet you ordered, you are not alone. Fortunately, your search for the perfect flower arrangement may be coming to an end. With Venus ET Fleur, there is no need to worry about lackluster colors or drooping flowers. They have you covered.

How These Real Roses Last An Entire Year

Yes, arrangements from Venus ET Fleur are always beautiful, but do they really last a whole year? How is that even possible?

When I first discovered this company, these were the questions running through my head. I saw the claims that their roses are real, but something in me just didn’t fully believe it. So I did a little research, and what I found convinced me to believe. 

First of all: yes, these roses are 100% real!

Venus ET Fleur sources its roses from their own flower farm in Ecuador. Because of the climate and location of Ecuador, the roses grown there are already some of the best in the world.

The roses are harvested when they reach their peak bloom. Then, they are shipped to New York, stripped of their color, and treated with a unique solution that serves to dehydrate and preserve them. Finally, the roses are dyed in a range of vibrant colors.

Once this process is complete, the roses are all set to last an entire year. 

Compared to traditional roses, maintenance of EternityⓇ Roses is actually quite minimal. Unlike other flowers and houseplants, no watering is needed. The best thing you can do to keep your roses looking brand new is to keep them in a room-temperature environment and out of direct sunlight. It’s as simple as that!

You may wonder, what about the scent? Like many people, my favorite thing about displaying flowers in my home is the lovely fragrance. I was thrilled to find out that EternityⓇ Roses maintain their signature rose scent! In fact, they retain it for two to three weeks longer than traditional roses. 

All of this is to say that these roses are more than just beautiful: they are completely real. They have the same feel, scent, and vibrancy as store-bought roses, but their beauty lasts far longer. And, as an added bonus, they require virtually no maintenance. 

Once you receive an arrangement from Venus ET Fleur, you will never want to go back, so find your perfect arrangement today! 

Venus ET Fleur Has A Collection for Every Occasion

The Classic Collection

As I mentioned earlier, Venus ET Fleur began its journey with its Classic Collection, which consists of their timeless roses in Parisian-style hat boxes. This collection includes something for everyone, in every shape and size you could ask for.

The smallest arrangement in this collection is the Le Mini™ Round. It consists of a singular rose in a round box, available in either black or white. The rose itself also comes in a variety of colors—twenty-four, to be exact. The colors range from classic red to elegant gold to a vibrant rainbow mix of shades. This wide selection of colors is available for nearly all of the company’s arrangements. 

Other products in the classic collection range in both size and box shape. Arrangements come in both square and round boxes that vary in size, including mini, petit, small, large, and grandiose. The Grandiose DE Venus, the largest arrangement in this collection, comes with 150 roses!

The Suede Collection

The Suede Collection is a variation of the Classic Collection that is equally elegant and gorgeous. It includes the same arrangements as the Classic, but its Parisian-inspired boxes are made of luxurious suede. These boxes come in blush, pink, and grey.

he Le Clair Collection

Another one of the company’s signature lines is the Le Clair Collection, which departs from the hatbox style of the previous collections. Instead, the Le Clair Collection is all about acrylic boxes. I, for one, am obsessed.

These clear boxes are perfectly fitting for EternityⓇ Roses—they allow you to put your gorgeous roses front and center and on-display all year long. Of course, the classic boxes allow for this, too. There’s just something about these geometric acrylic cases that makes me feel like the roses are a precious work of art on display.

An arrangement from the Le Clair Collection is the perfect addition to your bedside table, desk, or dresser, where you can marvel at your roses whenever you please. 

Personally, I love the arrangements that include hidden storage drawers, like the Le Clair Neuf and the Le Clair Cinq. These acrylic boxes display the roses on top, but contain a secret drawer underneath for any small belongings. This feature makes the boxes both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It ensures that your roses and any special belongings will always remain safe and sound.

The Options Don’t Stop There

These are just three of Venus ET Fleur’s many collections. They also offer special collections, often centering around specific holidays. Their current Valentine’s Collection is filled with romantic arrangements that are certain to make anyone smile.

Ultimately, no matter which collection you choose, your roses will certainly brighten both your home and your day each time you look at them. 

Browse through every collection and find the perfect arrangement for yourself or your loved ones today.

Find The Best Gifts at Venus ET Fleur!

As you can tell, I am a huge fan of Venus ET Fleur. Their roses are always gorgeous, and you can always find the perfect arrangement for any space or occasion. They even offer other flowers, like hydrangeas and gardenias, that also last an entire year.

Whether you are looking for a gift for a friend, a partner, a family member, or yourself, Venus ET Fleur is the only flower company you’ll ever need!