Sundays For Dogs Review

If you care about pets and consider them as important members of the family, then you should be feeding them like they’re sitting at your kitchen table. What do all pets have in common? They love eating good food.

Sunday For Dogs is all about custom options for every pet.

Sundays For Dogs is a company on a mission to empower dog parents to be the best they can be. If you’re always striving to treat your furry friends like family, then Sundays is the only food you’re going to feel happy feeding them.

This gourmet dog food makes it easier for you to be an awesome dog parent. Do you want to watch your pup jump for joy before and after their meals? They will with Sundays, every day of the week.

Your pets will finally be happy about what they eat, and you’ll finally know they’re getting the nutrition they need for a healthy life!

The Best Ingredients, the Best Science, and Made for the Best Customer Experience

Sundays For Dogs was a company created by a veterinarian and an engineer. Dr. Tori Waxman studied at Cornell University and got her vet degree from the University of Pennsylvania. She’s currently a dog parent, a small-animal veterinarian, and she’s also trained her pup Mabel to compete in dock diving and other sports.

Her husband, Michael Waxman, is a Yale University graduate and a successful software engineer and product designer. With their positive personalities, veterinary and engineering experience, and love for their pets, Tory and Michael Waxman were the perfect people for the job.

Also, with the help of their chief tasting officer Mabel (their terrier), Sundays was brought to fruition by necessity. After all, necessity is the mother of invention!

The Sundays story started when Mabel got sick. Tory and Michael started to search for the highest-quality dog food they could find, but they couldn’t find the dog food they were looking for. Tory and Michael wanted pet food that was easier to make than a home-cooked meal but way healthier than kibble or other synthetic pet food options on the market… That’s when Sundays For Dogs was born.

When Tori and Michael created Sundays, they crafted the first dog food with the best ingredients, the best science, and made for the best customer experience.

All of Sundays or Dogs Ingredients Are Also Gently Air-Dried for a No-Mess Meal

So, what’s in Sundays food? It honestly depends on the ingredients that you put in your dog’s food when customizing your pet’s meals on their website. However, all of Sundays For Dogs ingredients are clean ingredients.

Sundays offers human-grade food like USDA beef, quinoa, pumpkin, wild salmon oil, zucchini, kale, flaxseed, parsley, and more.

They also have ingredients like broccoli, cranberries, beets, tart cherries, and strawberries. All their ingredients are clean, especially their clean meats. Sundays for dogs meat selection is 90% fresh meat, organs, and bones, and their recipes are also balanced to meet all of the nutritional levels set by the AAFCO.

All Sundays For Dogs ingredients are also gently air-dried for a no-mess meal.

Since they have all-natural, human-grade ingredients, that means you could technically have a bite of your pet’s food. You don’t have to, of course, but the fact that you could prove that your dogs are getting exactly the type of nutrition they need: real, clean nutrition.

Finally, your pets’ meals are real. Give them the gift of nutrition today! 

Sundays Knows That Your Pup Is Unique, and They Deserve Food That Fits Their Needs

Sundays uses high-quality ingredients that are ethically sourced. Their recipes include more fat, more protein, and less fiber than other leading dog food brands on the market. Sundays has more nutritionally dense recipes than any other dog food brand, their recipes are balanced for dogs of any breed to enjoy.

What’s great about Sundays is that all of their food is customizable with the help of their online quiz. On their website, you can take their custom food quiz in under three minutes. Here’s how to get started: begin by putting in your pups’ names, genders, if they were spayed, and their age and weight.

The next question on the quiz asks you how active your dogs are: more extreme athletes or more average athletes?

Then, the quiz asks about your pet’s body conditions, how in shape they are, and what their current pet food is. The Sundays For Dogs quiz proceeds to ask the breed of your dogs, if your pups have sensitive stomachs, and if they’re picky eaters or require prescription diets.

After the quick Sundays quiz, your custom meals for your pups are ready for purchase. From their clean ingredients list to their attention to your dog’s dietary needs, Sundays always sends your pups high nutrition meals with a delicious taste.

Sundays For Dogs knows that every dog is unique, so they should always eat unique.

Do You Know What You’re Feeding Your Dog?

Buying Sundays For Dogs is not only an experience that your pups get whenever it’s mealtime but an exciting experience that you get to have as a dog parent! Every time you shop with Sundays, you’ll know you’re providing your pups with exactly what they need—which will make you excited and your pups healthy and satisfied!

In a section on the Sundays website, you’re even able to compare what you used to buy your pups with the food they get from Sundays. The ingredients in Sundays For Dogs are clean, and compared to your old dog food brand, the general nutrition that your dogs are missing is probably concerning. Now’s the time to keep your pup and you in good shape, every day of the week, with Sundays. 

Sundays is the only dog food company that is made for dogs, but designed for humans.

The fact that a company like Sunday For Dogs puts a comparison on their website of their dog food and other dog food companies shows that they’re transparent and confident about their product. This is important when feeding your pets—you want the nutrition they receive every day to come from a confident and reliable source. There are hundreds of dog food companies that have sketchy ingredients, anti-nutrients, and even synthetic additives that dogs don’t need.

The big question here is: do you know what you’re feeding your dog?

Start your week with no hesitation, with Sundays! 

Air-Dried Dog Food With a Long Shelf Life That Leaves Room on Your Refrigerator Shelf

You’re probably not the only one who questions your dog’s food from time to time. That’s why it’s time to make the switch and trust that every meal your pet eats is good for them. 

Thousands of Sundays customers are thankful pet owners, even celebrities like Kate Bosworth, Kate Upton, and Sophia Amoruso, stand by Sundays in full support.

Sundays For Dogs have even been profiled as the best dog food for picky eaters and reviewed by top dog food YouTubers.

And Sundays For Dogs is for picky pet owners too! What’s great about Sundays dog food is that it takes up no space in your fridge—because it doesn’t need to be stored in your fridge. It’s basically hassle-free.

This is not wet dog food that needs to be refrigerated, and this is not a drill! No, this is Sundays For Dogs: air-dried dog food with a long shelf life that leaves room on your refrigerator shelf.

Want a tip? Sundays can be used as a treat and a topper, too, so your dog can get everything they need from their single box of air-dried delights.

Make your first mess-free meal for your pet here!

To Keep Your Dog in Shape With a Smile on Your Face, Switch to What’s Best for Your Pet

Sundays For Dogs is a company on a mission to empower dog parents to be the best they can be. Their dog food is proven, their research is unmatched, and the nutritional value that they bring to their ingredients is hard to beat. In a blind taste test, dogs even preferred Sundays, 20 out of 20 times.

Sundays For Dogs has completely changed the way that thousands of pet owners look at food.

Treat your dog how you want to be treated and feed your dog how you want to be fed—with all-natural ingredients, no preparation or clean-up required, and a delicious taste in every bite. It’s time to switch over from the kibble that is causing your dog health problems. No more synthetic ingredients, no more dry food that can cause heart failure, and no more food that causes a mess.

Buy Sundays for your pets and for you.

The founders of this company are brilliant and will make your life easier and your dog’s life healthier. Created by a veterinarian and an engineer, Sundays is the ethically sourced and customizable pet food you’ve been looking for. To keep your dog in shape and to keep a smile on your face, switch to what’s best for your pet, starting with this quiz.

You can never care too much for your pets, so why stop now?