Static Nails Review

Product Liquid Glass Lacquer: Sweater Weather Palette Short Summary of the Product Even though it’s called the Sweater Weather palette, women are rocking these colors throughout the spring, summer, and beyond. Static Nails really outdid […]


Liquid Glass Lacquer: Sweater Weather Palette

Short Summary of the Product

Even though it’s called the Sweater Weather palette, women are rocking these colors throughout the spring, summer, and beyond. Static Nails really outdid themselves with this set- not only are their lacquers made in the United States, they’re also non-toxic, 8-free, cruelty-free, and even vegan. If an individual purchases this set, they’re getting ten polishes for just $55, which is as much as some gel manicures cost, so it’s a total steal. Another highlight of this set is how these polishes come in different shades. Clear top coat? Static Nails has their customers covered. What about a deep, glamorous raspberry? Still got you covered! The formula Static Nails has created is rich in antioxidants, so consider purchasing this set a daily dose of self-care. Everyone can expect to have a manicure last for 10 or more days, and then they can switch it up and try a new color on your nails. Static Nails completed a study, and 100% (!!) of participants experienced 3x longer wear than they would get with other leading brands. Maybe that’s because of the key ingredients that Static has included in these lacquers. Each is fully equipped with Rosehip, which promotes nail growth, Marula Oil, which hydrates and strengthens nails, and Balm Mint, which restores nails and adds shine. 

First Impression (Packaging, Volume, Design etc.)

The amount of nail lacquers that are included in this extremely low priced collection is a steal. Customers get 10 (yes, 10) nail lacquers for just $55, which is a total deal. The range of colors that are included in this set provide something for anyone and everyone. The colors included in this package are also curated to look amazing on all skin tones – not to mention that the lacquers have such cute names! The packaging design itself is really simplistic, which helps customers focus on what matters- the beautiful nail polishes presented. Everything about Static Nails is clean and beautiful, but also demure and chic.

My Take (What I liked or didn’t like, favorite features or overall opinion)

Having this lacquer palette arrive in the mail is an ambitious variety, all in one set. There’s a color for every mood, and even though individuals don’t have to change their nail polish frequently since it lasts 10 or more days, they totally can if they’re excited to try a new shade. Another highlight is how these nail polishes are naturally packed with antioxidants that are great for nails. When people get their nails done at a salon, they truly never know what’s in the polish – there isn’t too much transparency. That’s not a problem with Static Nails. They only use the very best of ingredients, and they’re completely transparent about it. 

Quality (How it compares to competitors? Is it worth the price?)

This entire palette costs just $55, which is a major deal. That means each polish is under $6 which, what could be better than that? Not to mention, it lasts much longer than other polishes typically do without chipping. Compared to Gloss, the quality is better and individuals get more product for their money. 

Buy or Use Again?

Since there are 10 polishes in this set, individuals won’t have to buy a new palette for at least four months. However, once the 10 run out, there is no hesitancy for customers to buy again!

That’s Hot Rating (1-5 hearts)

Five hearts! These polishes are free of toxins and packed with ingredients that restore nails- brilliant! 

Highlight 1

Busy and don’t have the time to repaint nails every day, or fix a chipped one? The fact that these lacquers last 10 or more days (on average) is really convenient. 

Highlight 2

This polish is 100% non-toxic. It’s gluten free, vegan friendly, cruelty-free, and 8-free.

Highlight 3

This set comes with a primer and a top coat, so anyone can pamper themself like they’re at a spa!

Highlight 4

This polish feels like a gel – all of the luxury minus the toxins and price tag? That’s a simple yes. 

Cost Range

They are currently priced at $38.50, but are typically priced at $55. The price range of Static Nails is $15-$55. These Static Nail Lacquers are a small investment. People are going to be using them for a while, and the price includes primer and top-coat. 

Cost Compared To Competitors

Some non-toxic nail polishes cost as much as $8 for an individual lacquer. That’s simply not the case with Static Nails; women are getting ten polishes for just $55, which is a massive save.

Pro 1

Top coat and primer come with this set. 

Pro 2

The palette was designed to look incredible on any and all skin tones. 

Pro 3

This lacquer feels luxurious, but holds up when going about the day or completing simple tasks like typing. 

Pro 4

This formula includes several key ingredients that are designed to help nails look and feel great.

Con 1

This is a limited edition palette and should be made available longer. 

Con 2

10 polishes is a lot, and smaller sets aren’t available. 

Con 3

It might not last quite as long as a manicure from the salon would – but 10 days is a pretty long time, not to mention it doesn’t have any toxic ingredients in it! 

Con 4

The bottles should be larger. 


By keeping the packaging nice and plain, Static keeps the emphasis and focus on what people should be looking at: this incredible array of lacquers.


If a person spends $55 or more and lives in the United States, shipping is totally free! Woohoo! 

Good For Gifting?

This product is an amazing gift. If there’s someone who loves having their nails done but doesn’t have time to waste sitting in a salon chair, this is the gift for them. (It’s basically for anyone who likes their hands looking beautiful at an affordable cost.)

Ideal Customer (Target Market)

Anyone who needs to look a little polished or has a job where they interact with customers who see their hands regularly would benefit from a Static Nails palette. Age range: women 30-50. 

Customer Service  

Customer Service, if a person needs it, is available via email, and responses can take up to one day. Most questions are able to be answered by simply looking at the FAQ page, however.

How Long Does The Product Last?

Individuals can expect nails to last 10 or more days, on average. That’s nearly two weeks that a person doesn’t have to worry about their nails chipping or looking funky. The bottle lasts a couple months to a year depending on usage. 

Coupons/sales? What are the normal sales? When do they happen? How much is off?

Sign up for their Rewards Program to get exclusive members-only perks (and yes, that can include coupons and discounts!).

Comparison to Competitor 1

Compared to Olive and June, Static Nails has more nail polishes for less money.

Comparison to Competitor 2

Compared to ella+mila, the Static Nails website is much easier to navigate, which makes for a significantly more pleasant shopping experience. (Shopping is supposed to be fun, after all!)

Comparison to Competitor 3

Compared to Gloss Naturals, people are paying a lot less for Static Nails. Not to mention Gloss doesn’t have as much of a variety in colors as Static does.