Quip Review

Product Smart Electric Toothbrush Short Summary of the Product The Quip Smart Electric Toothbrush is a lightweight Bluetooth toothbrush for all ages, and takes oral health to new hygienic levels. This innovative piece of dental […]


Smart Electric Toothbrush

Short Summary of the Product

The Quip Smart Electric Toothbrush is a lightweight Bluetooth toothbrush for all ages, and takes oral health to new hygienic levels. This innovative piece of dental technology pairs with the free quip app to check brushing stats and earn points towards new Quip items. With a toothbrush that can track your brushing routine, the Quip toothbrush is the future of brushing.

First Impression (Packaging, Volume, Design etc.)

The design of this toothbrush is sleek and futuristic. The futuristic design of the Quip brush makes it easy to hold, store, and travel with. The ability to customize a Quip toothbrush also makes brushing exciting and personal. Choosing a custom color is one of the ways to make this brushing experience feel more personal in a morning routine. This is Quips mission- to take the act of brushing teeth to a fun, simple, and a reflective moment of self-care. The custom color option and the benefits of brushing with Bluetooth, make this toothbrush a personalized toothbrushing dream. 

My Take (What I liked or didn’t like, favorite features or overall opinion)

There’s so much to love about this product! The Quip brush has a two minute timer that pulses every 30 seconds to make sure the user is brushing for a researched and recommended amount of time. Quips powerful battery is another incredible feature about this toothbrush- lasting three whole months before needing to be replaced. The Quip app makes it easy to track brushing and dental habits. The app and Quip brush even provide tricks and tips that take oral health to the next level!

Quality (How it compares to competitors? Is it worth the price?)

Quip is a high-quality toothbrush brand and has products that are worth their price. Not only are Quip’s electric toothbrushes lighter and last longer than most competitors, but they also aren’t accessible in price. The amount of time these brushes last also make their price worthwhile. 

Buy or Use Again?

This is a product that is a no-brainer for repurchase. The app and Bluetooth features of the brush encourage frequent usage and help with tracking brushing habits over time. This feature alone makes the Quip toothbrush worthwhile. Quip brush heads are also detachable and cost only $10 to refill every three months. It couldn’t be easier to make a long-term commitment to using this innovative toothbrush. 

That’s Hot Rating (1-5 hearts)

5 hearts for a visually-appealing toothbrush that makes it easy to build healthy dental habits! 

Highlight 1

This revolutionary electric toothbrush design relieves all worries in a brushing routine. No more worry about how to brush, how long to brush, and how long brushing can last before new batteries! With just one AAA battery, Quip toothbrushes go for months of use which makes brushing easy and convenient.

Highlight 2

The Quip site and app offer great tips on oral care, which makes the brushing experience more productive!

Highlight 3

Quip continues to make efforts toward sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices. Their commitment to using completely recyclable paper-based packaging is underway, and their eco-friendly product designs are exciting developments for the future. 

Highlight 4

The three month toothbrush head subscription plan with Quip helps to maintain a clean and hygienic brushing experience.

Cost Range

Quip products cost between $2.50 and $70, covering everything from travel-sized toothpaste, to accessories, to floss, to toothbrush kits with refillable brush subscriptions. The Quip toothbrush for adults starts at $25 and rises to bundles for $95. For kids, the Quip brush starts at $25 and rises to bundles of $50. 

Cost Compared To Competitors

Quip is relatively the same or better priced than most of its competitors. Quip is priced more fair than Shyn and Goby- the Shyn electric brush starts at $50 and Goby’s starts at $65.  

Pro 1

Quip has a generous returns policy that allows for returns both domestically and internationally within 30 days of original purchase for a full refund!

Pro 2

A sleek and lightweight design that is aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, and travel with. Quip has a better design and better toothbrush grip than any electric toothbrush.

Pro 3

Quip helps with dental habits- keeping the brushing experience consistent, well-timed, and healthy. 

Pro 4

Quip has genuinely positive reviews from users who are inspired by their toothbrush to keep their morning and night brush routine healthy. With the positive reviews and popularity of this brand, Quip is trustworthy. 

Con 1

It’s amazing that Quip can be found at local stores like Target, but it would be helpful if they were sold with more vendors. This would make the process of finding a Quip toothbrush more convenient. 

Con 2

While it can be convenient not to have to recharge an electric brush, buying new AAA batteries can be expensive and bothersome to purchase. 

Con 3

Unfortunately, there aren’t adjustable vibration settings on the Quip toothbrush- one vibration fits all.

Con 4

Depending on their sensitivity, some people may be bothered by quip’s bristles, which are a mix of standard bristle and rubber. 


Quip uses simple, small, and lightweight packaging that is easy to unbox without any additional mess or stress. The Quip company is also continually making their products more sustainable- they have created 100% recyclable paper-based packaging to reduce monthly excess waste. Having a sustainable mindset and mission is now a big factor in what shoppers look for when purchasing new products. 


Great news, Quip fans! Quip ships both domestically and internationally, with options in the US and Canada for $10 basic shipping. This shipping is free with the subscription brush head refill service, which typically takes between 4-9 business days to deliver. For $25 express shipping, the delivery is about 1-2 business days. People ordering in the US also have the option for $12 priority shipping that takes between 3-4 business days. International basic shipping costs $15 and takes approximately 15 business days to deliver, while international express shipping costs $40 and takes about 7 business days to deliver. 

Good For Gifting?

Quip products make nice gifts for family members, what better way to show you care than helping a loved one to achieve a stunning smile! It’s so easy to give the gift of Quip using their digital gift cards that come in values of $50, $75, and $100. Domestic and international returns are also simple, as the product is sent back within 30 days of initial purchase! Not the most exciting gift, but a gift that prioritizes health. This is definitely a personal gift for a loved one, family member, or partner.  

Ideal Customer (Target Market)

Quip’s target market is broad, since everyone can benefit from great dental hygiene, but it seems to be most geared towards all people ages 30-50. Quip involves new technology and is therefore more pricey than a drugstore toothbrush. Also not everyone wants to use Bluetooth or have to put batteries into their toothbrush.

Customer Service  

Quip’s is committed to their customer service. Their website’s “Contact Us” page makes it quick and easy to fill out an inquiry or request information directly from them. There are also several email addresses that allow for simple and easy contact. Their NYC HQ’s address and phone number and their official blog are also available to contact and review for info. Quip is also available through their social media platforms on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @quip (for Instagram) and @getquip (for others). Their customer service is hardworking, consistent, and quick.  

How Long Does The Product Last?

It takes 3 months for Quip brushes to run their course before replacing this toothbrushes AAA battery. The brush heads are also temporary and easily replaceable. Quips company allows for users to create a plan and subscription for brush head replacement, for just $10 every three months. Quip toothbrushes are meant to last for years with the necessary replacements. 

Coupons/sales? What are the normal sales? When do they happen? How much is off?

Quip offers custom bundles on their website that help to save $15-$20, depending on which bundle is selected. There are also temporary sales of buy one get two $10 off by using the code KIDSMILES at checkout. There are also holiday discounts.

Comparison to Competitor 1

Compared to Shyn, Quip’s brushes are more affordable and less bulky, making for a light and convenient brush to use and transport. Quip’s brushes also have a battery life 3x as long as Shyn’s one month life-span, and can be recharged by a single AAA battery. Shyn’s toothbrushes need to be plugged into a charger. 

Comparison to Competitor 2

While Goby has the options of a small, oscillating brush head and different brush frequency options, Quip ultimately costs less, is more lightweight, has a longer battery life, and still delivers on a quality and educational brushing experience. 

Comparison to Competitor 3

Compared to Buck Brush Co., Quip is more expensive but absolutely worth the higher price, since Buck Brush Co. requires the brush head to be monthly. With Buck Brush Co., this is a forced subscription and ends up costing more than Quip over a year. While Quip offers an optional subscription for a new brush head that only needs to be replaced every 3 months. Quip is the more convenient and lightweight option that brings less of a hassle to the brushing experience.