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Lululemon Review

Product Align Pant 28″  Short Summary of the Product The Align Pant in Lavender Dew is the perfect pant designed for everyday wear around the house and moments of yoga or meditation. It’s made with […]


Align Pant 28″ 

Short Summary of the Product

The Align Pant in Lavender Dew is the perfect pant designed for everyday wear around the house and moments of yoga or meditation. It’s made with weightless Nulu fabric which is breathable, retains its shape, sweat-catching and controlling, and a fabric that has 4-way stretch technology. The three length options allow for anyone to fit into the Align Pant for their height. The nylon material of the Align Pant allows for everyone to feel comfortable throughout the entire day, with a true to size fit and a versatility that is good for any activity. The design and high-waisted fit of the Align Pant provides major support for all activities, while still delivering fashionable looks that are always on trend.    

First Impression (Packaging, Volume, Design etc.)

The Align Pant arrives in the classic Lululemon box with inspirational quotes and words of affirmation. When trying on the Align Pant for the first time there’s an immediate feeling of support and comfort, while still allowing for a stretch feeling for optimal movement. This is why the Align Pant is incredible for travel, especially for very long flights. Lululemon also delivers on durability and wearability- the structure of the Align Pant 28” allows for the perfect balance between a thick and thin material pressure. The Align Pant is also a versatile pant for women with active lifestyles. The high-waisted design of the Align Pant is supportive for yoga, a low impact workout, and daily errands or activities, without feeling too tight or needing adjustment. 

Since Lululemon delivers on durability, support, and comfortability, the Align Pant is a product that is trustworthy for whatever the day may bring.

My Take (What I liked or didn’t like, favorite features or overall opinion)

Wearing the Align Pant is a no brainer workout pant. It’s the kind of workout pant that allows everyone to focus on their workout and finally not think about what they’re wearing. The buttery soft feeling of the Nulu Fabric made for the Align Pant is tight-fitting and supportive. This Pant contributes to a better workout by incorporating comfortably into every movement. There’s also no worry of adjustments with the Align Pant. The structured high-waisted design and length of the Align Pant brings that instant comfort as it sits perfectly above the belly button for support and it doesn’t cut off awkwardly at the ankle. What’s lacking with the Align Pant is the color/pattern options available. There are currently nine color options available for the Align Pant in 28″, but there aren’t enough light colors or fun patterns. The Align Pant is incredible but it doesn’t have a bold personality. 

Quality (How it compares to competitors? Is it worth the price?)

The Lululemon Align Pant delivers on quality that competing brands don’t match. The Align Pant is a workout and lifestyle option anyone can trust because of its reliable, breathable, supportive, and versatile material. Compared to competitors, like the Ultra High Rise Elation Tight Pant by Athleta, the Align Pant comes in more colors and has a more durable fabric. Both are made of Nylon and Lycra, but Lululemon actually displays the specific percentage which nods to company transparency. The Align Pant also has different lengths by inch which helps to estimate the exact fit for everyone’s height. The Align Pant is only $9 more than the Ultra High Rise Elation Tight Pant by Athleta, but is definitely worth the price because of the longevity of the fabric. The Align Pant changes a workout and is definitely a difficult pant for competitors to top. Lululemon has set the standard for workout pants time and time again, there is not an isolated case. 

Buy or Use Again?

The Align Pant is an incredible product that allows for a no brainer second or third purchase. The support is worth the price and compared to other companies, the price is matched by other competitors that don’t deliver on as much durability. The Align Pant takes a workout one step further with it’s 4-way stretch material and it allows for a larger range of motion for yoga and other pre or post workout stretching.

That’s Hot Rating (1-5 hearts)

5 hearts! Everyone should have the Align Pant in their wardrobe. 

Highlight 1

The Align Pant fits gracefully on everybody, with a perfect balance of support and stretch.

Highlight 2

The Nulu fabric made to create the Align Pant is buttery soft and weightless. Lululemon made Nulu fabric to create the sensation of wearing nothing at all, and perfected it. The Align Pant brings that difference. The Nulu Fabric is so comfortable that there is a light sensation of wearing nothing while working out. The Align Pant made with the Nulu fabric does exactly what the designers at Lululemon hoped. They are the perfect workout clothes that go unnoticed in the middle of a workout. Nulu Fabric is part of Lululemons naked sensation material technology and it’s apparent that they achieved their goal. The Align Pant is popular for its fit and fabric and it’s thanks to the Nulu innovation that the weightless sensation is possible. Along with the Nulu Fabric, Lululemon made a sweat wicking four way stretch and non restrictive design! Nulu Fabric is the new Lululemon trend that is hard to pass up for working out in hotter climates. This fabric is also amazing for everyday activities, shopping, spending time with friends, and lounging around the house.

Highlight 3

The Align Pant is the ultimate versatile Lululemon piece. It’s a pant fit for yoga, meditation, light workouts, and everyday activities! Hiking, climbing, and camping are other incredible activities to do in The Align Pant too! They are so comfortable, breathable, and a material that doesn’t instigate more sweat. The Align Pant is an easy option to keep on throughout a relaxing day or day of travel. Whether you’re on a plane, cozying up in a ski lodge, or hiking in the summer, slipping into the Align Pant is nothing to think twice about. 

Highlight 4

The Guava Pink color for the Align Pant is a unique shade of pink that isn’t offered by other fitness companies. Lululemon has unique color options, even if they could use more.  

Cost Range


Cost Compared To Competitors

Compared to other athletic apparel and technical clothing brands, Lululemon is definitely on the higher end of the scale in quality and price, but some brands match their pricing. Lululemon is known, however, for their quality and clothing durability which is why the price of their items are expensive. The Align Pant is priced at $98 and compared to Athleta, the prices are similar for comparable items. In general, Lululemon and Athleta are competitors in higher end athletic apparel and not everyone spends almost $100 on athletic pants. The price with Lululemon, however, is worth it- considering how long their product lasts. The Align Pant is a piece that an individual can get a lot of use out of, because of its versatility and comfortability. It depends on how serious an individual is about their workout routine. Some people live for comfortable workout wear that lasts a while, and if that’s the case, the Align Pant is perfect. The Align Pant compliments more than a workout routine but an active lifestyle too, making the price worth it compared to competitors that might have less expensive pieces that won’t last as long.

Pro 1

The Align Pant by Lululemon is a high quality athletic pant that is durable and lasts for years. 

Pro 2

Luluelemon created a special Nulu fabric that is specific to their brand. No other company has Nulu Fabric which makes this athletic pant unique.

Pro 3

The Align Pant provides support in all the right places- it’s a fit and cute pant that also supports a productive workout. 

Pro 4

The Align Pant is the kind of athletic apparel that you can do everything in. This pair of pants is so comfortable and is definitely a go to pant, especially during quarantine. It’s honestly special to have a pair of athletic pants that are reliable for more than a workout. 

Con 1

The high price for The Align Pant is not accessible to everyone. 

Con 2

The lack of color selection is unfortunate. 

Con 3

After a year of wearing my Align Pants there was a little pilling, but it’s minor and an easy fix! It’s probably because I wore them so much. 

Con 4

The Align Pant isn’t ideal for extremely hot workouts, there is always great support but it’s not a pair of pants to be worn in the hot sun for hours. The material isn’t too thick, but it’s not the thinnest material either. The Align Pant is meant for spring, fall, and winter workouts- in any temperatures between 30-80 degrees. 


Lululemon packages are always exciting to open. Their boxes and little red bags are so sweet and motivational- the quotes on their bags can put anyone in the mindset to have a healthy lifestyle and workout routine!


LuluLemon shipping is anywhere from 2-6 business days for free! Then after that it’s 2-4 business days for $20 and 2-3 business days for $30. Their shipping could be quicker and all free, considering the price it costs for their workout apparel.

Good For Gifting

Lululemon is nice for gifting, especially to a friend or family member that appreciates nice athleticwear. However, there isn’t a wow factor from Lululemon products. It’s exciting to own Lululemon clothing but it’s not a gift that is very personal. 

Ideal Customer (Target Market)

The ideal customer is any woman ages 17-50. Lululemon caters to any woman ready to have a productive day for their mind, body, and soul!

Customer Service  

The customer service at Lululemon is professional. They’ve been in business for a while now and they have a very tight knit community of employees. Lululemons customer service is not problematic, quick, and always helpful. 

How Long Does The Product Last?

Lululemon products, especially The Align Pant, last for years depending on how much they’re worn! The Align Pant is durable and really holds up for a long time-  this is why they are worth the price. 

Coupons/sales? What are the normal sales? When do they happen? How much is off?

There are sales on Lululemon during holidays and seasonal changes. They also have off season sales and discounts that are great for price reduction in their popular products.

Comparison to Competitor 1

Compared to Athleta, Lululemon delivers on higher quality and is priced in a similar range. 

Comparison to Competitor 2

Compared to Nike, Lululemon is definitely less expensive. There are prices that are similar for their leggings and pants, but Nike has some very expensive pants and leggings that are more pricey than The Align Pant by a lot. Some Nike leggings cost up to $150. 

Comparison to Competitor 3

Compared to Adidas, Lululemon has more expensive pricing for leggings and athletic pants. There are some Adidas pieces that are higher priced, but in general Adidas leggings and pants that compare to the Align Pant are half the price.