Hint Review

Product Hint Kick Black Raspberry Short Summary of the Product Hint Kick Black Raspberry is a productive way to keep moving through that mid-afternoon slump. With a hint of caffeine and no calories or gross […]


Hint Kick Black Raspberry

Short Summary of the Product

Hint Kick Black Raspberry is a productive way to keep moving through that mid-afternoon slump. With a hint of caffeine and no calories or gross artificial sweeteners, this beverage is the perfect boost.  With no jittery feeling and a hydration boost on the move, Hint Kick is the perfect drink combo. Hint Kick is also vegan, gluten free, and kosher, and therefore easy to share with everyone! Plus, the subtle black raspberry flavor is a delicious taste to associate with caffeine, instead of bitter coffee or extremely sugary energy drinks.

First Impression (Packaging, Volume, Design etc.)

Hint offers a wide variety of flavors in both still and sparkling water! Their Black Raspberry flavor is delicious, invigorating and freshens breath. Hint uses fully recyclable PET plastic and is conscious about their carbon emissions and impact on the planet.

My Take (What I liked or didn’t like, favorite features or overall opinion)

Hint has many flavor options, and their subscription model makes it easy for anyone to ensure they always have Hint Kick on hand! They’re also super transparent about their packaging and ingredients. They’re also branching out into other products- their sunscreen and deodorant surprisingly works!

Quality (How it compares to competitors? Is it worth the price?)

Hint’s line of sparkling and still waters is high quality. The bottles feel sturdy, and the design is appealing. Plus, their flavors are super unique! Hint is definitely worth the price, and anyone can save by subscribing

Buy or Use Again?

Hint Kick and all Hint products are simple to use and buy again! All their flavors are fun to try, and the subscription model makes it easy to keep Hint on hand at all times – especially when craving a semi-sweet drink!

That’s Hot Rating (1-5 hearts)

5 hearts! Hint makes it easy to get high quality flavored water, fast. Plus, how transparent they are about their commitment to sustainability, is admirable. Hint Kick is also so delicious and no other company makes beverages like them. This is the only way to drink an energy drink.

Highlight 1

Hint has many unique flavors- being able to build a variety pack every month is so unique to this company! 

Highlight 2

Hint makes it clear why they choose their packaging and ingredients. This makes customers feel reassured to know they can trust Hint to make the most eco-friendly decisions.

Highlight 3

Hint’s Kick line is something to obsess over. The caffeine in the Hint Kick flavored waters keeps people alert but not jittery- and hydrated!

Highlight 4

Hint offers a lot of different options – from sparkling water to still water, varied sizes, and custom flavor packages.

Cost Range

Hint costs $16 for a case of 12 16oz bottles. Customers can save as the amount of bottles increases. The more cases a person buys, the more they save! 

Cost Compared To Competitors

Hint is slightly higher priced than brands like La Croix, Spindrift, and Sparkling Ice, but they also put a lot of thought into their packaging and have unique flavors.

Pro 1

Hint is transparent about their footprint on the planet. They list a variety of reasons why they choose to use PET plastic over glass bottles, aluminum cans, and boxes. Hint cares about choosing packaging that is good for people’s health and the planet, which always go hand in hand.

Pro 2

Hint has an awesome give $10, get $10 program, when referring a friend or family member!

Pro 3

Hint’s subscription plans make it easy for someone who is busy- their flexible subscription options make it easy for hardworking individuals to always have their favorite flavors on hand.

Pro 4

Hint has expanded into other products, including face masks, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and deodorant! It’s awesome when conscious brands begin to branch out.

Con 1

Hint does not accept returns!

Con 2

Hint doesn’t ship internationally. 

Con 3

Hint doesn’t offer a wholesale program- this would be nice for big bundles or catering.

Con 4

Hint does not use fair trade ingredients. Rather, they source their products from within the US. Their supply chain is not fully transparent, so it is difficult to know the conditions of the US farms they use.


Hint comes shipped in Hint-branded cardboard boxes that are sturdy enough to stand up to the heavy bottles! The water itself is packaged in innovative virgin PET plastic.


Hint only ships to the continental United States. For shipments of less than 3 cases, they offer $8 flat rate shipping. When purchasing 3 or more cases, shipping is free!

Good For Gifting?

A subscription to Hint could make a great gift for someone who is always on the go, or someone who is trying to quit soda or sugary drinks! It’s not a product that scream gift, however. 

Ideal Customer (Target Market)

Hint is for everyone! They have numerous different lines, including Hint Kids, which makes them an amazing option for the whole family. 

Customer Service  

Hint offers chat support, email support, and a submission form on their website. This makes it easy to contact someone at Hint! They also have a detailed FAQ page.

How Long Does The Product Last?

Hint has the same shelf life as other bottled flavored water, which is around 9-12 months! Every case of Hint lists the expiry date.

Coupons/sales? What are the normal sales? When do they happen? How much is off?

Hint sometimes offers promo codes, but the best way to save is by their subscription model.

Comparison to Competitor 1

Hint and La Croix are at a similar price point, with Hint’s price per ounce coming in at slightly higher than La Croix. Hint comes in plastic bottles, while La Croix is packaged in aluminum cans. Hint caters to a wider target market.

Comparison to Competitor 2

Compared to Sparkling Ice, Hint has a much wider variety of products. Also, Hint is much easier to purchase online and offers a subscription model. Hint is also healthier.

Comparison to Competitor 3

In comparison to Spindrift, Hint has a slightly higher price point. However, Hint has 0 grams of sugar whereas Spindrift adds juice to their products; in fact, Spindrift is 10% juice which means each can has around 3 grams of sugar depending on the flavor.