Glow Review

Product Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask Short Summary of the Product This product is amazing! It’s a luxurious, breathable, moisturizing face mask that’s designed to sleep in. It makes skin look radiant and glowy, like a […]


Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask

Short Summary of the Product

This product is amazing! It’s a luxurious, breathable, moisturizing face mask that’s designed to sleep in. It makes skin look radiant and glowy, like a facial! It contains hyaluronic acid, Watermelon extract, and pore-refining AHAs. The packaging is also adorable, and the mask smells almost good enough to eat.

First Impression (Packaging, Volume, Design etc.)

The first standout of this product is the bright and adorable packaging, and the amazing fruity scent. The branding on these products is super cute, and the individual fruit collections is a smart way to organize products.  

My Take (What I liked or didn’t like, favorite features or overall opinion)

GLOW is all about using natural ingredients derived from fruit in their skincare product. Their products make skin look and feel totally amazing, and they all contain amazing ingredients. GLOW has collections based on different fruits and they allow customers to search their website based on product type, active ingredients, and skin concerns. Their products are award winning, and reasonably priced.

Quality (How it compares to competitors? Is it worth the price?)

GLOW is way more affordable than many other brands in it’s category. Their products are award winning and luxurious, but most of them are still reasonably priced and affordable, especially when reviewed next to competitors.

Buy or Use Again?

Glow is definitely a company to buy from and use again. The products are natural and effective, their branding is adorable, and everything smells amazing.

That’s Hot Rating (1-5 hearts)

GLOW gets a 5 out of 5 hearts. Their products are effective, affordable, and made with natural ingredients.

Highlight 1

All of GLOW’s products are inspired by different fruits, and contain nourishing ingredients and fruit extracts. They offer products with ingredients from watermelons, bananas, pineapples, avocados, papayas, blueberries, and plums. Not only do the products look amazing, they smell delicious, too.

Highlight 2

Everything GLOW sells is made from natural, high-quality ingredients. Their skincare is clean, vegetarian, and certified cruelty-free. They follow strict quality standards when it comes to their ingredients and their formulas, which is admirable.

Highlight 3

GLOW prides themselves on being super sustainable and environmentally friendly. They don’t use any ingredients that are hazardous to the environment, such as plastic microbeads or mercury. They also have 100% recyclable packaging, and are striving to be carbon neutral by 2022.

Highlight 4

GLOW believes that skin care should be fun! Not only are their products exciting and fruity, they make a huge variety of unique products that benefit skin in amazing ways. They strive for interesting textures, surprising ingredients, and colorful packaging. GLOW is a brand that is exciting to use, and really jumps off the shelf.

Cost Range

GLOW’s products range from $5 for a skincare spatula, to $117 for a Skincare Mini Fridge, designed to live on the bathroom counter and keep makeup and skincare products fresh.

Cost Compared To Competitors

GLOW is affordable when compared to other skincare brands. Most of their products are in the $20-$50 range, which is super reasonable when compared to luxury brands like Dior and Goop.

Pro 1

GLOW products are all-natural, vegetarian, cruelty-free, and don’t harm the environment. No one has to feel guilty when using their products because now all the ingredients are natural and non-toxic.

Pro 2

GLOW’s products are effective. They combine unique ingredients with trusted skincare remedies, so every product will leave skin feeling soft and hydrated, and looking glowy and refreshed.

Pro 3

GLOW products are super affordable, especially when compared to other luxury skincare brands. Most of their products cost around $20-$50, which is definitely reasonable. Other skincare brands charge upwards of $200 for a single moisturizer.

Pro 4

GLOW is a company that’s very charitable- their business is incredible to support. In fact, GLOW is donating 100% of all their gross profits from February 16th-28th to The Loveland Foundation in honor of Black History Month. They support important causes, provide incredible skin care products, and help customers feel good about where their money is heading after purchase. 

Con 1

Certain types of fruits are common allergens, so some people may not be able to use some of GLOW’s products. Always make sure to do a patch test to be safe before applying any new skincare product to the whole face.

Con 2

GLOW is a newer brand, and was only started in late 2014. They aren’t as recognized or as popular within the industry as some other brands, but they’re quickly making a name for themselves!

Con 3

Since the products are made with fruity ingredients, some of them definitely have a strong smell. If an individual prefers unscented beauty products, this brand is probably not for them.

Con 4

It’s difficult to find the contact page on their website- some people might have a hard time getting in touch with customer service for returns and exchanges.


GLOW’s packaging is one of the best aspects about their brand. All their packaging is adorable, brightly colored, and some bottles are even shaped like the fruit they’re inspired by, like the Pineapple-C Bright Serum. The packaging is high-quality, and will look adorable displayed in any bathroom.


For orders under $35, standard shipping is $6.95. Standard shipping is free for orders over $35, and orders over $100 receive free express shipping.

Good For Gifting?

Yes, GLOW products are amazing for gifting! They’re fun to use, smell amazing, and come in adorable packaging. Any skincare lover will appreciate a gift of GLOW.

Ideal Customer (Target Market)

The ideal GLOW customer is a young woman, ages 18-35. She’s passionate about beauty, cares about skincare, and not afraid to try new and different products.

Customer Service  

GLOW has well-reviewed customer service, but the contact page on their website is a little difficult to find. They offer returns, but certain items are excluded. They have an email anyone can reach out to for product concerns.

How Long Does The Product Last?

Skincare products are designed to be used up, so they will eventually run out or expire. Depending on how often an individual uses them, GLOW products should last anywhere from a few months to a few years.

Coupons/sales? What are the normal sales? When do they happen? How much is off?

GLOW offers great discounts when an individual buys their products in bundles. For example, their Anti-Redness Skincare Routine kit contains $197 worth of product, for $148. They also offer regular discount codes and coupons, such as 10% off for new customers.

Comparison to Competitor 1

Compared to Dior, GLOW is more affordable. Dior is a luxury, established brand, while GLOW is a young brand focused on organic, unique ingredients. GLOW focuses on skincare, while Dior sells a variety of skincare, makeup, clothing, and accessories.

Comparison to Competitor 2

In comparison to Estee Lauder, GLOW is more affordable. Estee Lauder is a luxury brand, while GLOW focuses more on organic, unique ingredients. GLOW sells skincare products only, while Estee Lauder offers skincare and makeup. Estee Lauder is for an older crowd and GLOW caters to a younger age group. GLOW is also a fun brand and Etee Lauder is more classic and traditional.

Comparison to Competitor 3

In comparison to Goop, GLOW is much more affordable. Both brands place an emphasis on natural, organic, healthy ingredients, but Goop is a celebrity brand, so it comes with a higher price tag. Goop sells makeup, clothing, and lifestyle products in addition to skin care, while GLOW focuses on skincare products only.