Fabletics Review

Product Ella High Impact Sports Bra Short Summary of the Product Fabletics is the cutest one stop shop for workout wear at an accessible price range. From leggings to shorts, sweatshirts to long sleeves, there […]


Ella High Impact Sports Bra

Short Summary of the Product

Fabletics is the cutest one stop shop for workout wear at an accessible price range. From leggings to shorts, sweatshirts to long sleeves, there are so many options that work for an active lifestyle, intense workouts, and weekends away. The Ella High Impact Sports Bra is an incredible Fabletics piece, with comfort, support, and style considered. This sports bra is designed with wide straps, is made with sweat-wicking fabric, and the option of removable cups. The Ella High Impact Sports Bra also delivers a sleek and clean look for a stylish workout. It’s nice to feel good and look good for high intensity workouts. There’s no workout too intense that The Ella High Impact Sports Bra can’t handle. 

First Impression (Packaging, Volume, Design etc.)

On first glance and touch, the Ella High Impact Sports Bra from Fabletics is so comfortable, perfect for an intense workout, and compliments a fast paced lifestyle. The packaging is standard and could be elevated. Their products are so comfy and if they had boxes to compliment their products, it would heighten their entire ordering experience. However, after unboxing and trying on this sports bra from Fabletics, there’s nothing but a feeling of satisfaction. The support from the Ella High Impact Sports Bra really caters to intense workouts, long hikes, and even boxing sessions. The polyester material is supportive but doesn’t squeeze too hard. At times sports bras can feel suffocating when they are meant for high-impact moments, but with the Ella Sports Bra from Fabletics, there is finally a sports bra with balance of comfort, support, and style on the market. In the Pink Bluff color, the Ella High Impact Sports Bra is absolutely adorable.

My Take (What I liked or didn’t like, favorite features or overall opinion)

The Ella High Impact Sports Bra is a definite win for every workout wardrobe. This bra will last a long time and is so flattering for any figure during training sessions, sports, or high intensity workouts. The Ella High Impact Sports Bra is satisfactory to wear for support, looks, and comfort. The sweat-wicking material of this bra keeps any workout cool. The packaging however, is not very presentable. Fabletics could step up the way their products arrive and make the experience more personal. Instead of plastic bags for delivery, there could be incredible boxes or bags that represent the amazing athletic wear this company offers. Plastic bag packaging always feels like a product that immediately came off a warehouse shelf. It makes me less excited. The excitement of opening a Fabletics package is definitely not there. If a product is this comfortable and amazing, why dull it down with mediocre  packaging? First impressions are everything- packaging like this doesn’t do this product justice. 

Quality (How it compares to competitors? Is it worth the price?)

Fabletics has a ton of competitors, like Lululemon, Nike, Sweaty Betty, Under Armor, and Puma. All of the competitors have strengths and weaknesses when compared to Fabletics. For example, Nike is obviously a way more popular brand and has a much larger variety of options than Fabletics, but Fabletics caters to a specific audience and might attract a refined crowd that Nike won’t, because many shoppers feel overwhelmed when searching through pages and pages of workout wear. Sweaty Betty is easily a competitor with Fabletics but is relatively more expensive than Fabletics when selling the same athletic apparel, making this company less popular. Fabletics is the same quality at a lower price than Sweaty Betty. As for Under Armor and Puma, both companies are once again more popular than Fabletics and are a household name, but they can also be overwhelming to a site visitor. Scrolling for hours to find the right sports bra is not always an attractive option for customers. Puma does have less expensive leggings though and so does Under Armor, but Under Armor has an outdated legging selection that is mostly black that it doesn’t compare to the cute options at Fabletics.

Buy or Use Again?

Fabletics products are a 10/10 recommendation and a simple re-buy, especially the Ella High Impact Sports Bra. Everything from Fabletics is cute, super on trend, and empowers everyone to look hot while working out.

That’s Hot Rating (1-5 hearts)

4 hearts for style, fun pattern options, and functionality, but only 4 because of their packaging. It’s unfortunate they have standard packaging that dulls down the customer experience. 

Highlight 1

Fabletics totally delivers on high quality without the price rising too steep. The Ella High Impact Sports Bra is especially comfortable, high quality, and great for workouts or daily activities. With moisture wicking technology, the fabric is able to absorb sweat and keep everyone at a good temperature! 

Highlight 2

The colors and patterns at Fabletics are so cute- the pale pink of the Ella High Impact Sports Bra and even their Rose Petal Print leggings they offer are unlike other athletic brands! A lot of companies tend to choose darker colors for their workout wear, but Fabletics is great with delivering on a variety of dark and light colors too. 

Highlight 3

Fabletics has some of the cutest cuts and fits of any athletic wear! All of their bras, tops, and bottoms fit in a cute, supportive, and sexy style! It’s fun to feel good while working out, which is why Fabletics sports bras are a go to for fun and flattering looks. It’s nice when sports bras fit perfectly, with no need for adjustment during a workout. With the Ella High Impact Sports Bra there are no crazy adjustments needed to make this bra comfortable, this sports bra is alway the perfect amount of comfort and support! 

Highlight 4

Fabletics has amazing sales, even though they already have affordable workout wear! 

Cost Range


Cost Compared To Competitors

Compared to Lululemon, Nike, Sweaty Betty, Under Armor, and Puma, Fabletics falls in the middle price range. Brands like Lululemon and Sweaty Betty are more expensive for leggings, sports bras, and cinched hoodies, and Puma is at the low end of the price range. When items by Sweaty Betty go on sale, the price range falls into Fabletics pricing, but without the sale it is generally more expensive. For sports bras, Puma and Under Armor fall in similar price ranges at the lower end of the scale and Lululemon and Sweaty Betty hit a similar price range to Fabletics. Except Lululemon has some sports bras that hit $100+ whereas Fabletics doesn’t rise in price for their sports bras above $80. 

Pro 1

Fabletics is well priced for their high quality options. 

Pro 2

Fabletic apparel is made for every season and is always on trend. 

Pro 3

Fabletics does light color options so well! It’s fun to workout in light colors without the worry of sweating through. Also, the patterns that Fabletics has are incredible, which also makes working out fun!

Pro 4

Fabletics has new arrivals every week which is so exciting for workout enthusiasts!

Con 1

Quality is high, but isn’t as high as competitors like Lululemon.

Con 2

Fabletics doesn’t have special materials like Lululemon’s Nulu fabric.

Con 3

Fabletics sells out quickly. Stock isn’t always available for all sizes.

Con 4

Fabletics could offer more high-impact sports bra options. 


Fabletics packaging is standard and not very exciting. It’s just a white bag with plastic bags on the inside that contain the apparel. Fabletics keeps it very simple with packaging and the unboxing experience. This is the least impressive aspect of Fabletics. 


Shipping for Fabletics takes anywhere from 5-7 business days, which is on the slower side.  

Good For Gifting

Fabletics athletic wear isn’t a very personal or exciting gift to receive. Good for holidays as an extra gift, but not a main gift to give.

Ideal Customer (Target Market)

Any workout savvy girl or woman from the ages of 16-45 who enjoy fun patterns and supportive athletic wear. The affordability of their apparel makes Fabletics cater to a younger crowd as well as a middle aged crowd.  

Customer Service  

Customer service is kind and standard with Fabletics!

How Long Does The Product Last?

The Ella High Impact Sports Bra can be worn for a couple years, and even last longer. The quality lasts with Fabletics, it just depends on how much the specific apparel is worn. 

Coupons/sales? What are the normal sales? When do they happen? How much is off?

There are frequent sales with Fabletics that cut prices bring their apparel to an even more affordable range. There are holiday sales and seasonal sales as well! Their sale page is also great and has wonderful options that don’t go out of trend or color for the season.

Comparison to Competitor 1

Compared to Lululemon, Fabletics doesn’t quite match quality but is priced better for quality that is still amazing. 

Comparison to Competitor 2

Compared to Nike, Fabletics can’t compete with the brand name and community, but Fabletics has some really cute designs and patterns for their athletic wear that Nike doesn’t. There are also over 140 sports bra options available at Fabletics that cater to low, medium, and high impact workouts. 

Comparison to Competitor 3

Compared to Puma, Fabletics has better designs and styles that are more on trend, but Puma is a big brand name that Fabletics can’t compete with in some areas. Puma has their logo printed all over their clothing, which to some is the reason they purchase it. For others, the no logo workout clothing from Fabletics is the way to go!