Drunk Elephant Review

Product F-Balm Electrolyte Water Facial Short Summary of the Product Drunk Elephant is a wellness brand that specializes in Skin care, Hair care, and body care. Their products and ingredients are biocompatible- this company is […]


F-Balm Electrolyte Water Facial

Short Summary of the Product

Drunk Elephant is a wellness brand that specializes in Skin care, Hair care, and body care. Their products and ingredients are biocompatible- this company is all about a total body reset. Drunk Elephant cares about their products’ quality. The Water Facial is a miracle worker. They work with skin by hydrating and firming at a cellular level. It’s incredible what well researched skin care can solve. Drunk Elephant is also a fun and aesthetically pleasing company to receive product from. This company delivers on the whole package. High quality products with incredible solutions.

First Impression (Packaging, Volume, Design etc.)

The packaging and design is beautiful! The bright colors of Drunk Elephant help to create a fun atmosphere around total body care. 

My Take (What I liked or didn’t like, favorite features or overall opinion)

The design of Drunk Elephant and company’s general aesthetic is specific, and the products are visually pleasing and easily identifiable. However, the company’s name is misleading.

Quality (How it compares to competitors? Is it worth the price?)

Drunk Elephant is high quality and competes highly with Tula Skin Care, The Ordinary, and Spinster Sisters Co. They are all ingredient conscious competitors that are aware of what goes into their products and what stays out. Although they have different processes of producing a high-quality product, all the companies on this list are premium skincare, regardless of price. 

Buy or Use Again?

Drunk Elephant is a company to definitely buy from again. However, the price of their products is high so only on occasion.  

That’s Hot Rating (1-5 hearts)

4 hearts for amazing quality but only 4 hearts because of the high price.

Highlight 1

Drunk Elephant has incredible products that are high-quality. 

Highlight 2

Drunk Elephant is transparent about their products’ ingredients and why they are included. 

Highlight 3

Drunk Elephant is so aesthetically pleasing to look at, and building a collection with their products is exciting. 

Highlight 4

Drunk Elephant caters to all skin types!

Cost Range


Cost Compared To Competitors

Drunk Elephant is a high quality company and is very well known in the beauty and wellness industry, but it sincerely is priced too high for the amount that is given in each bottle. In some sense, Drunk Elephant has earned its stars and has some backing for it’s prices, but it’s pricing as high as luxury beauty companies and it is not a household luxury name. Compared to Tula Skin Care, The Ordinary, and Spinster Sisters Co., Drunk Elephant is high in price, but has some competitors trailing close behind. For an eye cream at Tula Skin Care, there are prices ranging from $34-$58. The Drunk Elephant Multivitamin Eye Cream is $64 for 15ml/.5oz That is a very small size for a price that high. Compared to The Ordinary, an eye cream or similar light cream at this company is at most $15. Compared to Spinster Sisters Co. their face/eye cream is $30 for a 60ml/2oz. The quality of all these products are premium, but it’s the price of Drunk Elephant that is slightly confusing. Only slightly. 

Pro 1

Drunk Elephant has better designs than their competitors, which is ultimately very attractive when purchasing a skincare product. Everyone wants their skincare routine to work, but also it’s fun when it’s really cute and pleasing to use. The way they color code their products is also a smart design choice. 

Pro 2

Drunk Elephant is a one stop shop for your face, skin, and hair routines. 

Pro 3

Drunk Elephant has a wide variety of skin care products to choose from and every product is curated, unique, and sincerely focuses on a different part of the skin, hair, and body. 

Pro 4

Drunk Elephant makes skin care routines fun!

Con 1

Drunk Elephant is overpriced for reasons that aren’t explained. Their quality is certainly high, but their prices can reach into the $100’s for one product. 

Con 2

The products from Drunk Elephant should be made in larger sizes.

Con 3

Drunk Elephants name is confusing for a healthcare brand. 

Con 4

Drunk Elephant is not accessible to everyone. 


Drunk Elephants whole unboxing experience and aesthetic choices are cute. Their boxes have bright colors and fun patterns and they seem to put a lot of effort into what’s on the outside as well as what’s on the inside of their products. It’s a really fun surprise to receive a Drunk Elephant and display their products on a vanity or sink space.


Shipping with Drunk Elephant is anywhere from 1-7 days. In major cities or where there are Drunk Elephant store locations, the delivery is typically 1-2 days. Shipping costs for standard ground shipping are free!

Good For Gifting?

It’s nice to receive some wellness products and to gift them! Drunk Elephant is not the first place to purchase a gift for someone. However, their products can be versatile for many skin types and since they’re not prescription based, Drunk Elephant feels like a possible gifting idea for a wellness package of stocking stuffer.

Ideal Customer (Target Market)

The ideal customer for Drunk Elephant is anyone ages 28-40. The aesthetic and name most likely attract a younger crowd, but since the price is high, not every young woman can afford purchasing from Drunk Elephant every month. This company feels like it caters towards women over men.  

Customer Service  

Customer service at Drunk Elephant is super helpful, enthusiastic, and kind- just like their products!

How Long Does The Product Last?

Drunk Elephant products last from one to two months, depending on how much you use them of course! However, the size of their products makes for quicker use than other skincare products.

Coupons/sales? What are the normal sales? When do they happen? How much is off?

Drunk Elephant offers seasonal and holiday sales and marks down their products occasionally. New customers receive 15% off coupons! 

Comparison to Competitor 1

Compared to Tula Skincare, Drunk Elephant is a top competitor that takes skincare to a new, fun, and fresh level! Their prices are similar, with Drunk Elephant pricing slightly higher, but Drunk Elephants design and aesthetic choices are almost worth the extra cost. 

Comparison to Competitor 2

Compared to The Ordinary, Drunk Elephant is highly overpriced. Both are great companies though and have a lot to offer their customers.

Comparison to Competitor 3

Compared to Spinster Sisters, Drunk Elephant is highly overpriced.