Chanel Review

Product Le Vernis Turban Longwear Nail Colour  Short Summary of the Product Chanel is divine. As a company, they always produce beautiful and high-quality products. From their handbags to their makeup, there is a true […]


Le Vernis Turban Longwear Nail Colour 

Short Summary of the Product

Chanel is divine. As a company, they always produce beautiful and high-quality products. From their handbags to their makeup, there is a true awareness from this company on how to create luxury products. Chanel also has an incredible ability to create emotion from their products. The Le Vernis Turban Longwear Nail Colour is not only stunning, but they last forever and make everyone feel beautiful. In Chanel, it’s easy to feel dressed to the nines, even in their makeup. There’s something really special about Chanel—their classic products are to blame. For many people, Chanel is a wish come true.

First Impression (Packaging, Volume, Design, etc.)

Chanel is classic and gives a first impression of excitement. The boxes are simple, but the Chanel label and logo are not something to overlook. Chanel is a company that never gets old; it ages well and is always surprising. Chanel delivers on that wow factor. 

The Big Picture (Likes and dislikes, favorite features, or overall opinion)

The Le Vernis Turban Longwear Nail Colour comes in classically beautiful colors. The Turban color for the Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour is very 90’s and hints at a nostalgic time. It also speaks to a Mediterranean coastal vibe which sparks a memory of travel. The Turban color is a shade of pink that nods to Indian spice markets. The Le Vernis Turban Longwear Nail Colour is graceful, subtle, exciting, and amazing for the spring and summer seasons. A color like Turban is eye-catching and really compliments any skin tone. 

Quality (How it compares to competitors? Is it worth the price?)

Compared to competitors Armani Beauty, Essie, and Dior, Chanel is a tough competitor. Armani Beauty is an incredible makeup company with high-quality products. However, they don’t have nail products on their site. Essie provides a wider array of color options at a lower price, but they aren’t classic or high-end like Chanel. Dior is a strong competitor because they have very similar nail products that are priced the same. The advertising difference is that Chanel’s nail polish is said to be made for longwear, whereas Dior nail polish doesn’t advertise the length of use. In terms of status, Chanel and Dior are both classic brands that have competed for years; they are very evenly matched.

Buy or Use Again?

Chanel is always a company to buy from again, no question about it. 

That’s Hot Rating (1-5 hearts)

5 hearts because the class and quality of Chanel are unbeatable. 

Highlight 1

Their makeup products last a long time without any issues. None of their nail polish dries out or changes in liquid consistency. 

Highlight 2

For designer makeup, their products are not overpriced. 

Highlight 3

Chanel has an incredible design team, and their products are consistently beautiful. 

Highlight 4

Chanel has amazing colors to choose from- the best balance between classy and bold. 

Cost Range

$28 (Nail Polish Only)

Cost Compared To Competitors

Compared to Dior, Essie, and Armani Beauty, Chanel is similarly priced to Armani Beauty and Dior, and much more expensive than Essie. The quality of Chanel is the highest, but Armani Beauty and Dior are not far behind and definitely huge competitors. Chanel and Dior have the same price for nail polish, Essie’s nail polish is much cheaper, and Armani doesn’t sell nail polish. 

Pro 1

Chanel never disappoints. 

Pro 2

Chanel always delivers with the same excellent quality, without the wow factor being taken away!

Pro 3

Chanel makes a woman feel unstoppable and beautiful. 

Pro 4

Chanel is fairly affordable for designer makeup- their prices aren’t ridiculous for the quality and longevity of their products, but they are definitely still pricier than most makeup companies. 

Con 1

Chanel nail polish bottles are small in general.

Con 2

Chanel prices could be slightly lower. 

Con 3

Chanel nail polish is not good for people who prefer gel nail polish. 

Con 4

There isn’t a huge selection of sparkling nail polish options from Chanel.


Packaging and unboxing Chanel gives the same exciting feeling every time. 


Standard Chanel shipping is between 2-7 business days. Their express shipping is 1-3 business days. Their standard shipping could be quicker.

Good For Gifting

Chanel is incredible for gifting and gives that delightful surprise to anyone. It’s an incredible brand and delivers luxury products. 

Ideal Customer (Target Market)

The ideal customer for Chanel nail polish is anyone from ages 23-50 that loves Chanel already, appreciates high-quality products, and cares about product longevity. The pricing may exclude younger age groups; there are definitely less expensive nail polishes on the market. 

Customer Service  

The customer service at Chanel is professional, friendly, and helpful- their customer service never raises a problem, and there is never a long wait. 

How Long Does The Product Last?

Chanel makeup products, specifically their nail polish, last a while. Their nail polish lasts anywhere from six months to two years, depending on the amount of use. In general, though, the higher the quality of makeup anyone purchases, the longer it lasts—that’s a makeup 101 rule.

Coupons/sales? What are the normal sales? When do they happen? How much is off?

There are holiday and seasonal sales for Chanel Makeup, and when other brands sell Chanel Makeup, they sometimes cut the prices down. However, these are usually last season’s makeup. 

Comparison to Competitor 1

Compared to Dior polish, Chanel is the same in quality and priced the same. When comparing nail polish for these two brands, it depends on brand name preference.

Comparison to Competitor 2

Armani Beauty has almost the same quality and is less expensive. However, Armani Beauty doesn’t sell nail polish. 

Comparison to Competitor 3

Compared to Essie, Chanel is much higher quality and priced significantly higher. Essie is more affordable, though, and therefore more accessible to a younger and wider age group. As a company that exclusively sells nail polish, Essie has a much wider range of colors than Chanel, another characteristic that is more attractive to younger consumers. Chanel delivers a pedigree, class, and elegance that drugstore brands like Essie cannot.