Bobbi Brown Review

Product Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF 15 Short Summary of the Product The Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF 15 is absolutely divine. It’s light on the skin, and provides additional UV protection! This […]


Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF 15

Short Summary of the Product

The Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF 15 is absolutely divine. It’s light on the skin, and provides additional UV protection! This foundation comes in over 40 shades, which means anyone can feel confident finding their perfect foundation match! This foundation lasts for 16 hours and has a beautiful matte finish. 

First Impression (Packaging, Volume, Design etc.)

Bobbi Brown screams luxury. Their packaging is sleek and high end, with lots of frosted glass and weighted jars. Bobbi Brown products make everyone feel pampered and protected. Seeing these makeup and skincare products lined up on a vanity is exciting and also personal. After a long day out, being able to pamper is important for everyone to experience, and Bobbi Brown delivers on this experience.

My Take (What I liked or didn’t like, favorite features or overall opinion)

The wide variety of high  quality products Bobbi Brown offers is refreshing! Their products  are easy to count on to make any makeup routine look beautiful and skincare process to feel fresh and natural. Bobbi Brown offers many virtual services to help customers try on products without leaving their homes. It’s really important to have well-curated online help during these times, and Bobbi Brown totally adjusted to the pandemic. Bobbi Brown offers virtual consultations, try-ons, expert artist advice, and tutorials! There are their best features. 

Quality (How it compares to competitors? Is it worth the price?)

Bobbi Brown is a quality, luxurious brand. All of their products feel crafted, and every element of design is carefully thought about. This brand is definitely worth the high price tag. 

Buy or Use Again?

Bobbi Brown is a company that has products for every moment, which is why their products are for now and the future! Plus, they make it easy to repurchase with their auto-renew service that sends a new product that could be running out. There is no more panic about reaching the bottom of the bottle, Bobbi Brown has the solutions for rebuy and repurchase. 

That’s Hot Rating (1-5 hearts)

4 hearts! Bobbi Brown has crafted some of the best makeup and skincare on the market. From their makeup remover to their eyeshadows, every product feels top-quality. Plus, their sleek design is classic and serves a high-end look. However, Bobbi Brown sometimes tests on animals which is never okay and can’t be overlooked.

Highlight 1

Bobbi Brown’s online services are helpful and educational. They offer virtual consultations, try-ons, expert artist advice, and tutorials so that anyone can get help crafting their perfect looks from home. They even have an option to text a beauty artist to get advice on makeup and skincare!

Highlight 2

Bobbi Brown has an incredible loyalty program. The Bobbi Brown Club offers rewards for every dollar a person spends at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Users can earn coupons, free products, and more!

Highlight 3

Bobbi Brown’s auto-replenishment feature is something to be obsessed over. The service is completely free, easy to use, and customizable, so everyone can have the products they love, and arrive when they need them. 

Highlight 4

Bobbi Brown offers an incredible range of products, but their huge variety of foundations is definitely a collection to highlight. Some brands offer only a small array of shades so it can be difficult to find one that matches, but with Bobbi Brown, everyone can find a shade that’s right for them! It is important for everyone to be represented in beauty, and a company like Bobbi Brown is honorable for making sure their foundation shades are available to everyone. 

Cost Range

Bobbi Brown’s products range from around $25-$50, and up to $120 for some of their luxury serums and skincare sets. The high price tag is well worth it for these luxury products, because the quality can’t be beat. The Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF 15 is priced at $49.99. 

Cost Compared To Competitors

Bobbi Brown’s pricing is right in line with other luxury brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Armani, and Chanel, and sometimes falls at a lower price.  

Pro 1

The online options that Bobbi Brown offers – from their virtual try-on program, to the tutorials on their website, to virtual consultations, are helpful and supportive!

Pro 2

Bobbi Brown offers students 20% with every purchase! As a student, it’s not always easy to afford high end products, but Bobbi Brown is working to make their luxury items accessible to everyone. Get their discounts, order their makeup, and get pampered!

Pro 3

Bobbi Brown offers free return shipping on all of their foundations, powders, concealers and correctors. Because they have so many shade options, it might be difficult to pick the right one on the first try. With their free returns, no one has to worry about experimenting with different shades.

Pro 4

Bobbi Brown has many different options for customer service. When purchasing products with a high price tag, Bobbi Brown support is easily reachable by email, phone, or chat! Their service is professional and fast. 

Con 1

Bobbi Brown doesn’t ship outside the United States and Canada, which is unfortunate. This company could grow into a beautiful international brand.

Con 2

Bobbi Brown does not send samples for distribution. While they do attempt to make up for this with their virtual consultations, it can be difficult to know exactly how a product will feel without using it first.

Con 3

Bobbi Brown sometimes tests on animals- this happens in certain countries where their production is located and animal testing is required by law. This does not make it okay, however. 

Con 4

Bobbi Brown does not make their updated ingredient lists easily accessible, and rather requires customers to contact customer service for these lists or have customers wait until they receive their product and the updated list is on the bottle. This could be frustrating for someone with allergies who is trying to make a quick purchase. It’s also odd that they don’t update  their list of product ingredients- the lack of  transparency is not on trend. 


Bobbi Brown’s products ship in an ultra-luxurious box and all of their products are individually boxed. It feels like Christmas every time a Bobbi Brown package is opened!


Bobbi Brown offers free standard shipping on all of their orders, with expedited options available. They do not ship outside the US and Canada.

Good For Gifting?

Bobbi Brown would make an amazing luxury gift to any makeup and skincare lover. The Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF 15 isn’t the best gift, because it’s more of a personal purchase. But there are a ton of products on their site that are giftable. They also have eGift Cards as well!

Ideal Customer (Target Market)

Bobbi Brown is made for the makeup-loving woman who wants luxurious products. Their target audience is a little bit older and more sophisticated than other brands.

Customer Service  

Bobbi Brown offers a ton of options for customer support. There is a built in chat function on their website, for simple contact via phone and via email. Their customer support is simple, polite, knowledgeable, and accommodating.

How Long Does The Product Last?

Bobbi Brown’s products have the same shelf life as other cosmetics and skincare brands because they meet industry standards. Some products have a shelf life of only a few months, like mascara, while others like foundation last much longer. The Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF 15 can last up to 6 months.   

Coupons/sales? What are the normal sales? When do they happen? How much is off?

Bobbi Brown offers 15% off a first order when a person joins the Bobbi Brown Club! They also periodically offer coupon codes and sales on certain products.

Comparison to Competitor 1

Compared to Charlotte Tilbury, Bobbi Brown has about the same cost per item. Bobbi Brown’s packaging is sleeker, while Charlotte Tilbury’s is more glitzy.

Comparison to Competitor 2

In comparison to Armani, Bobbi Brown has a slightly lower price point. Armani offers 10% off a first order while Bobbi Brown offers 15% off. Bobbi Brown is generally less expensive.

Comparison to Competitor 3

In comparison to Chanel, Bobbi Brown has about the same cost per item, but falls lower in price point if anything. Chanel does not offer a discount off a first purchase.