Armani Review

Product Crema Nuda Supreme Glow Reviving Tinted Moisturizer Short Summary of the Product The Armani Crema Nuda Supreme Glow Reviving Tinted Moisturizer is an ultra-luxurious, anti-aging tinted moisturizer that keeps skin glowing all day. It […]


Crema Nuda Supreme Glow Reviving Tinted Moisturizer

Short Summary of the Product

The Armani Crema Nuda Supreme Glow Reviving Tinted Moisturizer is an ultra-luxurious, anti-aging tinted moisturizer that keeps skin glowing all day. It offers sheer coverage and doesn’t feel cakey or heavy. Plus, the hyaluronic acid keeps skin hydrated all day. Everyone using this product can experience a feeling of luxury. It’s expensive, but the impeccable formula and packaging make it well worth the price tag since only a small amount is needed.  

First Impression (Packaging, Volume, Design, etc.)

Armani is the ultimate luxury brand. The packaging is of the highest quality, and Armani spares no expense when crafting innovative formulas that work with all skin types to craft the perfect look. Also, being able to participate in a virtual consultation to choose the right product is a fun perk. 

The Big Picture (Likes and dislikes, favorite features, or overall opinion)

Armani beauty products pamper the skin. Trying out a new style of makeup is easy with products of this quality. Their online consultation services and auto-replenish options make it super simple to keep preferred products on hand.

Quality (How it compares to competitors? Is it worth the price?)

Armani beauty offers top-tier quality. Each one of their products is specifically formulated to provide the highest-grade ingredients. Yes, their products are pricey, but for something this well-made, it’s worth it. Armani products feel natural, and the sleek packaging looks really chic. 

Buy It Again?

Armani beauty might just become a regular part of every daily makeup routine. Plus, the option to automatically reorder is a convenient way to never run out of the most essential products. 

That’s Hot Rating (1-5 hearts)

5 hearts since Armani beauty has created such a versatile line of products from makeup to skin care to fragrance. These products are a great addition to any well-rounded skincare routine. And there’s just nothing like opening a fresh jar of the perfect foundation. 

Highlight 1

Armani’s virtual services are really unique. The virtual consultation makes it easy to pick out the perfect products from the comfort of home. The website also offers an automatic refill option and a quick checkout function to make reordering a breeze. 

Highlight 2

It’s important to note that Armani doesn’t test on animals. For those who are concerned about animal welfare, Armani has made a commitment to alternative testing methods.

Highlight 3

Armani’s private appointments are a unique service. Whether pampering for a special event or preparing for a regular day out, setting up a consultation with an Armani expert ensures top-notch treatment.

Highlight 4

Armani’s satisfaction guarantee shows that they really stand behind their products and want their customers to be happy. They offer a full refund should a customer be dissatisfied with any product.

Cost Range

Armani’s beauty products range from $30 to $400 for their most luxurious anti-aging cream. Most of their products are between $30 and $100. This may be a high price tag, but the quality of the products and the excellent customer service make it well worth the price.

Cost Compared To Competitors

Armani’s pricing is slightly higher than brands like Bobbi Brown and Charlotte Tilbury, but it’s in line with brands like Clé de Peau and Chanel.

Pro 1

Armani’s commitment to using natural materials is appreciated, and they’ve partnered with a program that provides underprivileged communities with clean water. It’s important for luxury brands to give back, and Armani does just that.

Pro 2

Armani makes it easy to contact the customer service department. They can be contacted by email or via online chat. It’s convenient to have that kind of flexibility. 

Pro 3

Armani offers a wide variety of products. From makeup to skincare to fragrance, Armani has something for a complete beauty routine. 

Pro 4

The virtual consultation is a great option for those who can’t make an in-person appointment. Picking out the right shade has never been easier. 

Con 1

Armani doesn’t ship outside of the United States.

Con 2

While Armani does have specific gift collections, they don’t offer individual gift wrapping.

Con 3

Armani doesn’t offer a printed product catalog. It would be convenient to be able to flip through all the products in one easy place. 

Con 4

Armani doesn’t allow online orders to be returned in-store or vice versa. The flexibility to return items in-store and not have to ship them out would be great. 


Armani’s products are all packaged in luxe Armani boxes. Even their packaging is top of the line.


Armani offers free shipping on orders over $75. They offer standard shipping for $7 on orders below $75, as well as numerous expedited shipping options.

Good For Gifting

Armani has a wide selection of gifts for both men and women, offering fragrance and beauty products. Any of the products would make an incredible luxury gift for loved ones. 

Ideal Customer (Target Market)

Armani is targeted at the luxury consumer.  Armani’s ideal customer is sophisticated, luxe, and loves high-quality products. They are mostly targeted toward women, but they offer plenty of skincare and fragrance options for men, as well. 

Customer Service  

Armani customer service may be contacted by email, phone, or online chat.

How Long Does The Product Last?

Armani’s products are of standard shelf life. Some, like mascara, last for a few months, while others, like fragrances, can last well over a year.

Coupons/sales? What are the normal sales? When do they happen? How much is off?

Armani offers 10% off the first order and is currently offering 20% off on some bestsellers. Customers also get 5% off when signing up for auto replenish, and they receive exclusive samples on orders over $75.

Comparison to Competitor 1

Compared to Charlotte Tilbury, Armani is slightly more expensive. Armani’s packaging is sleeker, while Charlotte Tilbury’s is shiny and glitzy. Both brands offer virtual services.

Comparison to Competitor 2

In comparison to Bobbi Brown, Armani has a slightly higher price point. Armani offers 10% off the first order, while Bobbi Brown offers 15% off. Bobbi Brown and Armani both offer virtual services.

Comparison to Competitor 3

In comparison to Clé de Peau, Armani has the same price range. Clé de Peau offers 25% off on $250 purchases, while Armani offers 10% off on first purchases of any amount. Both brands offer virtual services.